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Automated Driving Progressed by the Internet of Things
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24.000 M€
2017-01 - 2020-02
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Informaatio- ja liikkumispalvelut
Automaatio & C-ITS
Älykäs infra
Infran ICT (tietoliikenne, IoT)

The AUTOPILOT project investigates how automated driving can benefit from the Internet of Things. AUTOPILOT develops new services on top of IoT to involve autonomous driving vehicles, like autonomous car sharing, automated parking, or enhanced digital dynamic maps to allow fully autonomous driving. AUTOPILOT IoT enabled autonomous driving cars will be tested, in real conditions, at pilot sites in Finland, France, Netherlands, Italy,  Spain and Korea, whose test results will allow multi-criteria evaluations (Technical, user, business, legal) of the IoT impact on pushing the level of autonomous driving. A methodology was developed for assessing the Quality of Life and business impact of the services.

The Finnish pilot site is operated by VTT and addressed two use cases: automated valet parking and urban driving (intersection support). Both test cases were demonstrated and tested with users in Tampere.

In the Automated Valet Parking case, the availability of the parking place and the presence of obstacles on the potential route is verified with a traffic camera. The parking place is reserved through a third-party application. Both the parking maneuver and the pick-up maneuver are completely autonomous.

In the urban driving use case, the automated vehicle interacts with traffic lights and waits for pedestrians to cross at a zebra crossing. The vehicle receives real-time information on the traffic light status and remaining green or red time, and adapts automatically speed. A traffic camera monitors if pedestrians are waiting to cross or crossing and sends this information to the pedestrians.

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