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Transforming Transport
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15.000 M€
2017-01 - 2019-07
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Tekninen kehitys
Informaatio- ja liikkumispalvelut
Liikenteenhallinta ja tilannekuva
Älykäs infra
Infran ICT (tietoliikenne, IoT)

The TransformingTransport project demonstrated, in a realistic, measurable, and replicable way the transformations that Big Data will bring to the mobility and logistics market. To this end, TransformingTransport, validated the technical and economic viability of Big Data to reshape transport processes and services to significantly increase operational efficiency, deliver improved customer experience, and foster new business models. TransformingTransport addressed seven pilot domains of major importance for the mobility and logistics sector in Europe: (1) Smart Highways, (2) Sustainable Vehicle Fleets, (3) Proactive Rail Infrastructures, (4) Ports as Intelligent Logistics Hubs, (5) Efficient Air Transport, (6) Multi-modal Urban Mobility, (7) Dynamic Supply Chains. The TransformingTransport consortium combines knowledge and solutions of major European ICT and Big Data technology providers together with the competence and experience of key European industry players in the mobility and logistics domain.

One of the 13 pilots is the Urban Integrated Mobility Pilot in Tampere. The main aim of the pilot was to investigate how big data can assist in improving situational awareness by providing tools for the urban Traffic Management Centre, and how big data can be used to provide information tools for travelers. Also tools will be developed for urban logistics for freight delivery. During the pilot Infotripla improved the fluency model for the traffic in the City of Tampere and developed a dashboard for urban traffic management, allowing traffic managers to have a complete view of the traffic in the city in a single glance. Infotripla also developed a method for informing the public in real time on critical events through social media: messages on validated events are automatically generated for specific social media accounts. Mattersoft developed a Web-based tool for freight delivery parking area management and booking for authorities and logistic operators.

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