Name of Project
Energy Efficient Methods in Arctic Traffic
Kotimainen yhteyshenkilö
0.140 M€
2019-09 - 2021-08
Type of Project
Business models and potential
Impact assessment
Energy and vehicles
Vehicle efficiency
Vehicle technology
Hybrid power
Electric and fuel cell vehicles
Information and mobility services
Automation & C-ITS
User needs and experiences
Interoperable services (incl. logistics)
Intelligent infrastructure
ICT of infrastructure (telecomm., IoT)
Routes and maintenance
Charging and power grid

FMI has long experience within intelligent traffic research in Arctic conditions. Energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions have not yet been in the focus of intelligent traffic research. In this project FMI will study such kind of energy-efficient methodologies in Arctic traffic environment.

Within the Sod5G-test track in Sodankylä airport these energy-efficient methods are defined and developed. The methods are tailored into the test track practical environment, but obviously the methods are to be transformable to real-life traffic environment as well. The methods are brought into practical pilot systems as well, whenever the existing test track infrastructure allows this.

The project generates a state-of-the-art report of available and applicable methods for improving energy efficiency and ecology of arctic traffic environment. Solutions are piloted in the Sod5G-environment, if enabled by the existing infrastructure. Piloted solutions are tested and reported as part of the state-of-the-art report.

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