NordicWay 2

Projektin nimi
NordicWay 2
Kotimainen yhteyshenkilö

19.000 M€
2017-01 - 2020-12
Hankkeen tyyppi
Liiketoimintamallit ja -potentiaali
Tekninen kehitys
Informaatio- ja liikkumispalvelut
Automaatio & C-ITS
Käyttäjätarpeet ja -kokemukset
Älykäs infra
Infran ICT (tietoliikenne, IoT)

The main objective of NordicWay2 is to deploy studies with pilot activities in order to further develop interoperable Day-1 and Day 1.5 C-ITS services utilizing cellular network. It also supports infrastructure readiness for connected and automate driving in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


NordicWay 2 is the continuation of the NordicWay (1) project. The project will contribute to the harmonization and interoperability of C-ITS services in Europe, through collaboration with the C-ROADS platform. The project will support the deployment of new Day 1 and Day 1.5 C-ITS services in the Nordic countries and extend its use in vital road freight transport routes subject to extreme weather conditions and in urban and interurban environments. The project will assess the socio-economic impacts of the piloted Day 1 and Day 1.5 C-ITS services as well as their socio-economic impacts, public acceptance and ecosystems for service provision.


VTT acts as subcontractor to the Finnish authorities and provides technical support during the project, including participation to C-ROADS technical task forces. VTT is also responsible for design of the evaluation framework and is involved in several evaluation tasks.

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