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Regulating smart mobility: Addressing challenges and opportunities in the digital transition of mobility
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2018-01 - 2021-12
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The digital transformation of mobility is happening now - new services are emerging and the EUs General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) raises new questions regarding sustainable data policies. To ensure outcomes for the benefit of society and avoid negative externalities of technological change, e.g. increased demand for car travels when autonomous vehicles are in operation, it is crucial that public authorities pro-actively plan for the era of Smart mobility.

REGSMART aims to make public authorities better equipped to plan for emerging user-centric technologies by addressing opportunities and challenges related to: 1) Sustainable data policies including privacy, data collection, ownership of data, security and ethics, 2) Regulation of the smart mobility market including competition, public service obligations, taxes, certification and licensing, 3) Governance of smart mobility including new roles and strategies for public transport authorities, resource allocation, decision-making, coordination and congruence between business and administration. In order to address social dilemmas and how people are affected by them, we will use established methods for involving citizens and stakeholders. Citizen involvement will complement and challenge the preconceptions of the researchers and maintain a feedback loop between citizens, stakeholders and researchers throughout the project period.

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Contact person at TØI: Nils Fearnley.
Budget: 6.6 mill. NOK
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Transport 2025 programme